Ivo D. Dinov, SOCR Director

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Dr. Ivo Dinov is SOCR Director and professor of Health Behavior and Biological Sciences, and Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics. He is an expert in mathematical modeling, complex time (kime) and spacekime theory, statistical analysis, computational processing, scientific visualization of large datasets (Big Data), and predictive ML/AI health analytics. His applied research is focused on informatics, multimodal biomedical image analysis, and distributed genomics computing. Dr. Dinov is a member of the Michigan Center for Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics (MCAIM) and a core member of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

In addition to his core-STEM scholarly activities, specific artificial intelligence (AI) research projects Dr. Dinov is involved in include spacekime analytics using fMRI data, longitudinal morphometric studies of development (e.g., Autism, Schizophrenia), maturation (e.g., depression, pain) and aging (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease). He also studies the intricate relations between genetic traits (e.g., SNPs), clinical phenotypes (e.g., disease, behavioral and psychological test) and subject demographics (e.g., race, gender, age) in variety of brain and heart related disorders. Dr. Dinov is developing, validating, and disseminating novel methods (e.g., spacekime analytics) and technologies (e.g., CBDA, DataSifter, TCIU) for mathematical modeling, statistical computing, biomedical applications, scientific education, and active learning.

Prof. Dinov is Co-Director of the multi-institutional Probability Distributome Initiative (since 2007) and Editor of the Journal Neuroinformatics. He serves as a Research Scout for the Michigan Great Minds, Greater Discoveries, Bold Ideas Initiative. Prof. Dinov is one of the University of Michigan Experts on generative artificial intelligence, gen-AI, (e.g., ChatGPT).

In the past, Dr. Dinov served as Director of the Integrative Biostatistics and Informatics Core, University of Michigan Nutrition Obesity Research Center (MNORC) (2014-2020), Director of the Biostatistics and Data Management Core, University of Michigan Udall Center for Excellence in Parkinson's Disease (2014-2022), Co-Director of the Center for Complexity and Self-management of Chronic Disease (CSCD Center, 2014-2021), Associate Director of the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS, 2015-2022), Associate Director of the Michigan Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP, 2019-2021), and Associate Education and Training Director, University of Michigan Precision Health (PH) Initiative (2022). A short biosketch is available here.
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