About GrayRain

The GrayRain Team includes a group of transdisciplinary researchers, SOCR members and innovators.

We understand the power of information, the challenges of data-sharing, the unique opportunities to advanced the scientific discovery, and the impact of data-driven decision making in healthcare.
GrayRain was founded on the principles of covering the spectrum of oportunities from black, through gray, to white, automating information extraction, deriving knowledge, and providing actioanbel clinical recommendations in diverse clinical settings.
We believe in promoting a culture of safe data sharing between stakeholders that own the data and slilled professionals with know-how to address the health needs of patients, their families, and the broader society.

GrayRain strives to make data more accessible for everyone.
We want to cultivate an ecosystem that accelerates research and innovation to save lives.
Since our founding in 2019 at the University of Michigan, we have hit the ground running.

We plan on starting in healthcare by offering data generation, de-identification, and augmentation services
to put more safely masked, integrally sound data in the hands of those who can make it speak.
To request more information, please contact us at info@gray-rain.com.