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What is GrayRain?

GrayRain designs innovative tools, builds effective AI services, and promotes large-scale data-driven health analytics. Our tools are driven by the core principle that rapid, secure, and efficient data-sharing between organizations and within organizations increases productivity and facilitates knowledge generation and translation into clinical practice to improve human conditions.

Our Services

The Virtual Hospital app provides three complementary services:

  • Synthetic Patients Generation – used to generate heterogeneous simulated datasets

  • Data Obfuscation – used to statistically obfuscate existent clinical data and balance the risk of patient de-identification and the value of the data utility

  • Data Augmentation - used to augment and append existing data archives to increase the number of cases and enrich the feature characteristics

Why We Do It

Almost 20% of the US GDP is dedicated to healthcare. This enormous investment includes public, private, and philanthropic support.

Sensible sharing of biomedical and health data benefits all of humanity. Healthcare innovation depends on researchers, sponsors, governors of data repositories, the scientific community, and the public.

Scientific collaborations promote better science and optimal decision-making.

Data sharing is highly-desirable, yet difficult to implement due to a number of barriers including costs, privacy protection regulations, institutional barriers, and competition.

When done right, making the data available to experts incentivizes disruptive innovation and brings significant public benefits.

GrayRain's unique technology allows secure, effective, and efficient sharing of sensitive data without compromising personal privacy while preserving the energy of the information contained in the data archive.

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