Ivo D. Dinov,

Students, Fellows, and Trainee Requests for Letters of Support

Current and former students, fellows, and trainees that took Prof. Dinov's classes or worked on SOCR Projects may request letters of support or letters of recommendation for employment, graduate or professional school applications. Due to extreme over-commitment, a large number of requests, and substantial effort required to review dossiers, draft and submit the letters of reference, please limit the number of recipients to half-a-dozen. Requests are welcome from:
  • Students that did very well and actively participated in Prof. Dinov's class(es).
  • Fellows and scholars that demonstrated their dedication, skills, and abilities to learn new techniques and significantly contributed to ongoing SOCR projects.

The following information may be packaged and submitted to Prof. Dinov with requests for letters of support. If and when necessary, trainees may meet with Prof. Dinov during his office hours (see current courses). Trainees are encouraged to use free services and assistance from Institutional Career Centers (e.g., UCLA Career Center, University of Michigan Career Center) in preparing their application paperwork. This may expedite and streamline the application process. Compile and send the following materials with all requests.
  • A letter of recommendation cover letter.
  • Name, Institution, dates of SOCR engagement, SID# (if you would like this on your letter)
  • Complete Address, Phone, Email, URL.
  • As appropriate, class(es) taken, term, year, term-paper, project, grade.
  • References, and copies of all projects, papers or extra credit assignments (do not include regular HW's).
  • Personal CV (vitae) stating background, interests, goals, accomplishments, affiliations, memberships, internships, lab work, teaching/tutoring, special skills (e.g., languages, programming, etc.)
  • (A Draft of a) Personal Statement - most schools require this.
  • Transcripts, as appropriate.
  • Any additional appropriate information you want to submit with your request.

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