HS 853 Winter'18 Weekly Topics Dates Monday Wednesday Friday Faculty Notes, e.g., suggested use of tool/software, assigment postings
Week 1 1/1/2018 New Year's Day Syllabus, Homepage   Dinov R
Course Organization Gradebook, Expectations, HWs, Projects     HW1
  R Foundations      
2 1/8/2018 Introduction to R R graphics   Yang R
Introduction to R Regression I      
Regression   Regression II      
Some Plots          
3 1/15/2018 MLK Holiday Quality Control (GCC package) HW1 Due Dinov R
02: Reivew Simulation     HW2
LM, GML        
4 1/22/2018 genetic data analysis  genetic data analysis    Yang R
genetic data analysis           
5 1/29/2018 Sci Viz Sci Viz HW2 Due Dinov R
04: SciViz         HW3
SOCR, Excel, R          
Network Vis, Workflows          
6 2/5/2018 Timeseries Analysis Timeseries Analysis    Dinov R
Timeseries Analysis           
7 2/12/2018 Prediction and Classificaiton Prediction and Classificaiton    Dinov R
Prediction and Classificaiton        
8 2/19/2018 Factor analysis Factor analysis HW3 Due Buu SAS
multivariate analysis          
 behavioral research          
9 2/26/2018 Winter Break Winter Break Winter Break Winter Break  
10 3/5/2018 Principal component analysis Principal component analysis   Buu SAS
multivariate analysis          
 behavioral research          
11 3/12/2018 Cluster analysis Cluster analysis Buu SAS
multivariate analysis         HW4
 behavioral research          
12 3/19/2018 Missing Data Multiple Imputation    Ploutz-Snyder Stata (most likely) or R 
08: Missing Data Theory behind MI Hand's-on with Stata (or R)     Assessments emphasizng the "why" of MI, and interpreting statistical output from Stata (or R). Students not expected to code-from-scratch
          Assign term paper
13 3/26/2018 Cross-validation Cross-validation   Dinov  
Crossval/Prediction Prediction Prediction      
14 4/2/2018 Cross-validation Cross-validation HW4 Due Dinov R
Crossval/Prediction Prediction Prediction      
15 4/9/2018 LASSO regression Research Project Presentations   Dinov/Others/?  
Research Project Presentations 3x30-min      
16 4/16/2018 Research Project Presentations   Term Paper Due Dinov  
Research Project Presentations 3x30-min        
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