Homework 1

Compile a set of two health science case-studies complete with motivating questions and datasets. Each case-study should include the following components:
  • Title: Brief but descriptive case-study title
  • Overview: A brief summary of the case-study
  • Driving Challenges: List a set of 3-5 questions that have clear healthcare applications that might be addressed, or at least examined by, using the dataset
  • Meta-data: Define all data elements, describe the dataset
  • Data: Include the complete dataset. It could be observational, derived, or simulated data. It should be somewhat interesting (e.g., include at least 5 variables, one or more time-points and represent 30 + cases/subjects/instances, hopefully, hundreds of cases)
  • Provenance: Include some references, URLs, PMCIDs, comments, etc. describing the provenance of these data

Please upload all cases on Canvas and give them appropriate name providing a clue to the type of data/study this case presents. When you submit your HW electronically (on Canvas) please include the appropriate HW header and reference (by direct URL) the appropriate case-studies you uploaded.

See this example (additional examples are provided here).
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