Term Paper Project: Dec. 15, 2017.

This is a creative paper project that will demonstrate your thinking about carrying out a real scientific study. Please discuss with colleagues and mentors potential topics and come up with a study where you gather, analyze and present data, results and conclusions that follow from your study. It is completely up to you to come up with an interesting project that you need to submit it by the deadline. Ideally, you will write a report and present a relevant healthcare application along with the data analytics and scientific methods that you chose to interrogate the data. Below are the basic requirements your project must satisfy:
  • Please submit your project nicely typeset, including text/tables/graphs, in the form according to our HW assignment policies. No hand-written reports will be accepted.
  • You can use data from the case-studies on the Canvas site. Examples of projects (this is not an exclusive list):
    • Investigate the change of the level of various disinfectants, by-products, contaminants, chemicals, micro-organisms, pesticides, radioactive contaminants or other substances which may be added or naturally occurring in H2O, across the years (say 1997-2011) in our tap drinking water.
    • Study the dynamics of the human populations for the past 100 years. Make predictions for the future.
    • Analyze the prevalence or gender preference of one particular type of cancer.
    • Study the effects of over fishing.
    • Crime rates, geographic distributions and severity.
    • Education changes in the past decade.
    • Stock market volatility.
  • Examples of online resources containing interesting data:
  • Format:
    • Include the regular HW project cover page. Start with a one paragraph abstract, followed by an intro/background of the problem, methods, results, discussion/conclusion and acknowledgments, references, in that order. Clearly state the problem you have chosen to investigate. List the resources you used to come up with the project and reference all sources you used to complete the project.
    • Clearly state your hypotheses, prior to interrogating the data.
    • Use statistical techniques from the list of techniques we have discussed in the course to convey whether or not there is statistical evidence in support of your original hypotheses.
    • Explicitly state your approach to answer your research hypotheses. Write all formulas/tests/statistics you need.
    • Interpret your statistical (numerical) results in a lay back language. Write conclusions and discussions at the end of your report and acknowledge outside help. Describe how this project can be extended in the future.
    • One or two people can work on a project as a team. If two people work together both must have equally contributed for the completion and submit separate copies of the project, with their names on top (the names of both students should be on both papers). Expectations of team projects are higher.
  • Help and Examples:
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