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HS 853 Fall'15 Weekly Topics Dates Monday Wednesday Friday
1 9/7/2015 Labor Day Syllabus, Homepage
Course Organization Gradebook, Expectations, HWs, Projects


Quality Control
2 9/14/2015 Review Review
Review Multiple Linear Regression Mixed effects modeling

HW1 Due

3 9/21/2015 Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Patient Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR)
PCOR/HTE/CER Patient Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) Heterogeneity of Treatment Effects (HTE)

4 9/28/2015 Scientific Visualization Scientific Visualization

HW2 Due

5 10/5/2015 Meta-analyses SEM
Causality and Meta-analyses Causality GEE

CRLT Visit

6 10/12/2015 Instrument Validation (Cronbach's alpha) Cross-validation

HW3 Due

7 10/19/2015 Fall Study Day Timeseries Analysis

8 10/26/2015 BD Management Missing Data Midterm
Big Data BD Processing Imputation, Propensity Scores

BD Analytics and Inference

9 11/2/2015 Genotype-Environment-Phenotype associations Genotype-Environment-Phenotype associations

10 11/9/2015 GIS Medical Imaging

CRLT Visit HW4 Due

11 11/16/2015 Volume and Shape Morphometry Imaging-Clinical Statistics

12 11/23/2015 Basic Triadic and Cohesion Measures Clusters, Factions and Cores Thanksgiving Day
Social Network Analysis

13 11/30/2015 HCPC Gaussian Mixture Modeling
Clustering and Classification Methods
Expectation Maximization

14 12/7/2015 Paper Review Presentations Paper Review Presentations
Paper Review Presentations 3x30-min 3x30-min

15 12/14/2015 Research Project Presentations

Research Project Presentations 3x30-min


Final 12/21/2015 NA NA
Place: (New) Nursing Building 1250 URL:
SOCR Resource Visitor number Dinov Email