Lecture notes

  • Epidemiology
  • Correlation/SLR
  • ρ and slope inference, 1-2 samples
  • ROC Curve
  • Non-parametric inference
  • Cronbach's α
  • Measurement Reliability/Validity
  • Survival Analysis
  • Decision theory
  • CLT/LLNs – limiting results and misconceptions
  • Association Tests
  • Bayesian Inference
  • PCA/ICA/Factor Analysis
  • Point/Interval Estimation (CI) – MoM, MLE
  • Instrument performance Evaluation
  • Study/Research Critiques
  • Common mistakes and misconceptions in using probability and statistics, identifying potential assumption violations, and avoiding them

Note: The SMHS EBook is NOT intended to serve as a substitute for attending lectures. The information provided in the EBook is incomplete and insufficient, by itself, for learning the material in this course. This information is supplemental to the material presented in lectures, discussions and labs.

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