SOCR Personnel: Yongkai Qiu

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Yongkai Qiu is a Mathematics Master's degree student at the University of Michigan. He is also currently enrolled in the Michigan Graduate Data Science Certificate Program. Yongkai graduated with a BS in Statistics from the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing, China. Yongkai joined the SOCR-MDP team in January 2019 and is now part of the SOCR TCIU project. He is working on predictive analysis challenges and SOCR case-studies including time-series analysis on economic data, 2D-3D visualization and performing machine learning algorithms. Yongkai is interested in solving data analysis challenges and working on Biomedical datasets. He plans to pursue a PhD degree in Statistics or Biostat in the future. Yongkai is a member of Student Actuaries at Michigan (SAM) and some of his hobbies include badminton, Kendo, and swimming.

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