National Institutes of Health - National Institute of Nursing Research: P20 / P30 Centers of Excellence for Symptom Science Research

Currently Funded P20 Grants
Grant number
Principal Investigator
Center Name
P20-NR014126 Redeker, Nancy Yale Center for Sleep Disturbance in Acute and Chronic Conditions Yale University
P20-NR015331 Barton, Debra
Dinov, Ivo
Center for Complexity and Self-Management of Chronic Disease (CSCD) University of Michigan
P20-NR015320 Fulmer, Terry Northeastern Center for Technology in Support of Self Management and Health Northeastern University
P20-NR015339 Schiffman, Rachel Self-Management Science Center at UWM University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
P20-NR018081 Gardner, Sue Center for Advancing Multimorbidity Science: Profiling Risk and Symptom Expression to Develop Customized Therapies for Adults with Multiple Chronic Conditions (CAMS) University of Iowa
P20-NR018075 Melkus, Gail Exploratory Center for Precision Health in Diverse Populations New York University
P20-NR018072 Stone, Patricia Center for Improving Palliative Care for Vulnerable Adults with MCC (CIPC) Columbia University

Currently Funded P30 Grants
Grant number
Principal Investigator
Center Name
P30-NR011396 Dorsey, Susan G. University of Maryland Center for Pain Studies University of Maryland, Baltimore
P30-NR11400 Heitkemper, Margaret McLean Center for Research on Management of Sleep Disturbances University of Washington
P30-NR014129 Dorsey, Susan G. Center for the Genomics of Pain University of Maryland, Baltimore
P30-NR014131 Page, Gayle Center for Sleep-Related Symptom Science Johns Hopkins University
P30-NR014134 Waldrop-Valverde, Drenna The Center for Cognition and Affect in Chronic Illness Emory University
P30-NR014139 Anderson, Ruth Center for Adaptive Leadership in Symptom Science Duke University
P30-NR015326 Moore, Shirley SMART Center II Brain Behavior Connections in Self Management Science Case Western Reserve University
P30-NR015339 Kim Miyong Center for Transdisciplinary Collaborative Research in Self-Management Science University of Texas, Austin
P30-NR018090 Corwin, Elizabeth Center for the Study of Symptom Science, Metabolomics and Multiple Chronic Conditions Emory University
P30-NR018093 Szanton, Sarah Hopkins Center to Promote Resilience in Persons and Families Living with Multiple Chronic Conditions (the PROMOTE Center) Johns Hopkins University

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